1. ecommBacklinko – E-Commerce and SEO | The definitive guide from one of the web’s leading experts on SEO. This extensive guide is truly a soup to nuts guide for understanding and executing SEO for E-Commerce sites.
  2. Tools to improve visual content via CMI | Improving visual content is critical as studies continue to show the importance of visual and video content. Here’s 7 tools you may not have come across that can help spiff up your visuals.
  3. Your first 30 days as a content marketing manager | Any idea what to do once you’re sitting in the content marketing chair for the first time? Here’s a guide on what to do in the first 30 days, if you’re new to content marketing, or taking it over in a new company. It’s not rocket science, just a clear, simple to follow roadmap to success.
  4. The end of solution selling | From HBR come this interesting dive into the end of solutions sales. Driven by the internet and new buying habits and patterns, it is suggested that solution selling is no longer relevant, as most buyers already know what they need, at least they think they do.
  5. playThe Content Marketing Playbook | From CMI comes the 2016 playbook, loaded with great advice on moving your content marketing forward in 2016.

  6. Killer list of content marketing resources
    | There seems to be an endless supply of resources to help with your content marketing efforts. From Sujan Patel comes this great summary of 41 excellent resources. Have a look, you’re bound to find a few helpful ones.
  7. Building the business case for content marketing | At some point, most marketers are faced with building the business case for establishing a content marketing program. Here’s a great resource to help you in building the case, focusing on the key metrics along with already established benchmarks for success.
  8. 11 tools to save you time with Social | Looking for content marketing time savers? Look no further. Neil Patel of Quicksprout offers this short, but effective list of tools.
  9. Writing tools for social media marketers | Here’s an excellent list of writing tools to help with content creation for blogs, social media or your content marketing, from Social Media Examiner.